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Interviewing - common sense is not so common

Quit fidgeting. Sit up straight. Smile. Make eye contact. Stop playing with your hair. We’ve all heard this type of “nagging” from our parents at one point or another when we were young. Turns out job seekers could use some of that advice while interviewing, as employers pointed to this lack of body language etiquette as a factor that could potentially harm a candidate’s chances of landing the job.

If you thought that etiquette and common courtesy came naturally to people, guess again — it doesn’t. Some examples of candidates crossing that line during an interview include: looking bored (55 percent), dressing inappropriately (53 percent), coming off as arrogant (53 percent), bad mouthing previous employers (50 percent), answering a phone call in front of the hiring manager (49 percent), not doing homework on the company or role (39 percent), sharing TMI (20 percent) and asking personal questions (17 percent).

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